4 Video Circumstances that Whiteboard Animation May NOT Work For

4 Video Circumstances that Whiteboard Animation May NOT Work For
November 15, 2012 abe

blog_screencapThese days, nearly every successful business has integrated video into its website presence. Obviously we love creating video that helps our clients drive traffic, engage viewers, and share their message. While whiteboard animation video and our Scribology™ can be highly effective for a wide-variety of content types, there are a few video styles that work better for some content.
Software Demos – Screen Capture
If you are a software or SaaS company you’ve probably created quite a few screen capture videos that highlight the design and function of your product. It’s hard to imagine doing a video about your product, without showing your actual product. We have created a lot of software sales videos, but in this case of showing off the actual interface we recommend Screen Capture.
Personal Introductions – Talking Head
Whenever Apple creates a new product video, they show the experts behind it. When you need to give your product or service more ‘humanity’, talking head videos are great. When you have a someone in your team who is charismatic and can really show the personal side of your business, it’s a shame NOT to use them. Talking heads work best when you can show people from the waist up and they can be highly emotive with their hands and body. We use real hands and hand-drawn images to achieve this ‘humanity’ effect that
“Day in the Life” and Behind the Scenes
It is human nature for people to be voyeurs into other people’s lives. (Why do you think reality television is so popular?) Use this concept to your advantage by creating a “day in the life” video that take customers behind the scenes of your business. Use video footage to introduce your employees, show a storeroom, or highlight a brainstorming session. We did a realy quick one of these for a local newspaper event. It can be great for getting ‘regular staff’ involved.
Event Highlights
Events are visual, providing great potential for video footage. If your company participates in or hosts events, take advantage of this opportunity by creating quick and easy videos of your presence. For example, shoot some video of your company reps at a booth talking with customers. Or if a company representative speaks at an event, include some footage of the presentation as well. Then be sure to post the video on your website and YouTube channel. This strategy provides the added benefit of people searching for the event and finding your company’s site.
Integrating video into your website and marketing strategy is one of the best ways to increase search traffic and engagement on your business website. If you’re interested in whiteboard animation we’d love to work with you to create videos that are really effective for a majority of your content. However, if you have software demos or need to show real people doing real things, there are some alternatives you’ve probably already thought about.
If you think there’s another type of video content you think whiteboard animation would be less suited for, make a comment below.
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