Whiteboard Animation Software users, What is Your Hero-Glyph?

Whiteboard Animation Software users, What is Your Hero-Glyph?
April 29, 2016 abe

Hieroglyphic and hero-glyphic sound surprising similar, and one artist visually depicted this similarity. Artist Josh Ln combined ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics with many of our favorite modern-day heroes. The Result: Hero-Glyphics, a collection of 13 hieroglyphic hero prints.

Ancient meets modern with this unique collection that highlights the distinct characteristics of ancient hieroglyphics while featuring modern-day heroes. The collection has a Hero-Glyphic for everyone, some of which include The Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Start Wars and even Ghost Busters. Check out all 13 Hero-Glyphic prints below.

Did you know you can create your own modern hieroglyphics with TruGlyph? It’s true! Find TruGlyph (FREE) in the App Store!

TruGlyph powers our whiteboard animation software. If you didn’t know:

Unlike any other whiteboard software available in the marketplace, through the use of hand-drawn art and proprietary technology, TruScribe automatically transforms words into moving imagery. The software provides businesses with a mobile tool to create effective, on-demand video messaging for business communication needs.

Hero Glyphs 12 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 13 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 11 - TruGlyph

Hero Glyphs 10 - Truglyph Hero Glyphs 9 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 8 - TruGlyph

Hero Glyphs 7 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 6 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 5 - TruGlyph

Hero Glyphs 4 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 3 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 2 - TruGlyph

Hero Glyphs 1 - TruGlyph



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