TruScribe named Eureka! awards winner

TruScribe named Eureka! awards winner
June 17, 2016 Andrew

Category: Advertising, PR, Marketing, Media

What the judges said: “Market leader, great branding, moving service to the next step, facilitating the app store, introducing new products to the market.”

Through his experience in the fields of branding and video production, Eric Oakland came to believe that both could be done better.

“In the creative industry, in the industry where you create content, people often err on the side of beauty or aesthetics to makes decisions as to what is the right thing to create, but that doesn’t always translate to being effective,” he said.

As chief innovation officer of TruScribe, he set out to take another course. The result was Scribology, which launched in 2011 and now has over 1,000 users.

The premise is straightforward: Taking human thought patterns into consideration, animated video presentations on whiteboards and other media can be more successful, captivating viewers’ attention and transmitting information more effectively.

Scribology allows its users to adjust the color, the speed of the messaging, the narrative framework and multiple other variables to deliver animated video presentations. This premise can be a boon to trainers and other presenters among TruScribe’s customers, which typically are large corporations whose presentations may include complex ideas about technology, finances and other topics.

Eureka award winner

TruScribe wins Eureka award

The innovation has given TruScribe new prominence within the industry. Oakland has spoken at industry summits and events, and he gets frequent requests by academics and others looking to engage with the patent-pending technology.

“Humans have gone through a number of revolutions: An industrial revolution, a technological revolution, and now we’re in the middle of a brain revolution,” he said. “We want to help people communicate visually in the way that is most effective, so we are focusing on the way people receive information.”



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