Inspired to Draw, Inspired to Watch Because of Dopamine

Inspired to Draw, Inspired to Watch Because of Dopamine
August 29, 2017 abe

Inspired Drawing Image

When I’m looking for inspiration while drawing I will often simply start doodling. From a series of random marks and lines, my eye naturally begins to pick out a form it recognizes. I continue to draw and develop this form, keeping my intentions detached from any thoughts of “right” or “wrong” marks. The overall integrity of the image is my goal and “misplaced” lines often add volume and dimension to the final drawing – happy accidents, I call them. These steps in my process have brought me many successes in my art, and the playfulness of the method encourages me to draw again soon.

After working on hundreds of whiteboard videos I have noticed that this organic process is very similar to what occurs in the minds of those who watch our whiteboard videos, making it almost impossible to look away. Let me explain.

As an artist I am always open to the possibility of new ideas – inspiration can only enter through an open door. It is in this spirit that so many of us click “Play” when we come across a video while surfing the web – our desire for inspiration urges us to indulge our curiosity, and our reward for doing so is a shot of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

But dopamine also plays a role in the expectation of pleasurable stimuli. This is akin to the encouragement I feel to draw again that I mentioned earlier. Likewise, watching one of our two-minute whiteboard videos not only attracts the viewer to its content and helps to retain key bits of information, but it also primes you to learn even more! Each mark I add to a drawing further refines the image, detailing surfaces, textures, and contours. In the same way, whiteboard videos draw the viewer in using universal icons, symbols and shapes. Using this imagery I am able to create a singular narrative within the mind of the viewer and, with help from the voice over, add specific details to further focus the message. The result is a single, succinct and power-packed message that is not only easy to remember but energizing and inspiring!

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