Motion and the Lizard Brain

Motion and the Lizard Brain
September 5, 2017 abe

The lizard brain asks, “what was that movement you just saw? Was it a predator? Perhaps it was a small rodent scurrying into the brush…dinner? Or maybe it was an image brimming with meaning…” Hmm, there’s a thought – you in a forest of images, each of which was created to impart a message.

“You” in this example is more specifically your basal ganglia – the part of your brain often referred to as the “lizard brain,” “reptilian brain,” or “old brain”. The basal ganglia are associated with cognition, emotion, movements of the eye, and procedural learning. This part of ourselves is alive and well and is integral to the process of grabbing and keeping attention.

Here at TruScribe we’ve constructed a powerfully effective method for learning and retaining information with fun and engaging authentic whiteboard videos. At the heart of our process is proven brain science that improves the likelihood that viewers will watch and retain incredible amounts of information in the span of minutes!

So the next time you find yourself in a forest of information, keep your eyes peeled…you may end up gobbling up a video that broadens your mind.


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