TruScribe Expert QA Panel: Video Across Industries – Part 2 of 3

TruScribe Expert QA Panel: Video Across Industries – Part 2 of 3
February 21, 2018 Andrew

Compiled by Austin Stevens, Director of Video Engagement Strategy

***This post continued from TruScribe Expert QA Panel,  Pt.1***

TruScribe Expert QA Panel,  Pt.2

Welcome back to the TruScribe Expert QA Panel. As a reminder, the following experts have been kind enough to volunteer their time to shed light on some of our industry’s most pressing concerns. This is part 2 of 3. Thanks for checking in , and again a big thanks to:

Tracy Zaiss – Marketing

Jeffrey Lagomarsino – Learning

Eric Oakland – Innovation

Without further ado, here’s the next set of QA!

Where do you see the future of digital content creation going in your field?

Tracy: Digital video content creation will grow exponentially. It’s tremendously effective at showing product attributes and features – so as retail goes online, video will grow with it.   Customer service examples, like “How To” guides, product demos and webinars – live and recorded – position companies as experts who are interested in educating customers and prospects about their industry, product set.

Live streaming video is becoming an effective tool for promoting products and events in an authentic way. We routinely collect live video at events now and later edit them together for customer testimonials or future event marketing.

Lastly, whenever we can add video to our social media posts, we do it.  Video increases our engagement numbers. Social media platforms, like face Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are prioritizing video when it comes to news feed distribution. Live streaming video is also becoming a popular way to absorb news, entertainment, sports and more.

Jeffrey: As technology rapidly advances and becomes cheaper, the realm of what’s possible is shifting. This is changing the dynamics of competition. Successful educational content creation is increasingly about the quality of the collaborative partnership. Content experts need to partner with true creatives, learning science professionals, and technologists. Incumbent institutions and educators resistant to changing how they operated (successfully) the past will be marginalized in the digital space.

Additionally, learners will increasingly become digital content creators, either by producing their own original content or by creatively modifying existing content. Learner created digital content can be helpful for both the learner and their peers.

Eric: Video has a lot of legs, and it’s easier for individuals to create better content with their personal devices and software tools than they could even 5 years ago. It’s going to become a primary mode of communication rather than being reserved for our high-end messages and YouTube celebrity. At the core of good content, digital or otherwise, is good storytelling. Video provides the most room for that and more people are going to seek to tell stories through video.


How do you see video integrating with information technology in the next 10 years?

Tracy: Maybe not the most visionary approach, but I see these areas that will help us be more successful in integrating video into the marketing mix:

SEO and Video.  Now that Google owns YouTube perhaps search engines will be able to better index videos.  For the time being, because of this dual ownership, it appears that weaving a CTA like “Watch this video” …into our website results in good indexing (along with publishing relevant tags and key works and making our video embeddable on other sites).

More use of live streaming video – Facebook Live, Periscope, YouTube Live, Instagram Stories – all reinforce the need for more content and better metrics for views, shares, engagement, conversions.

Better customer/prospect/user data. Yes, I know there are continuous updates and platforms. But the reality we deal with is our clients have huge backlogs of customer/prospect pools that they don’t know much about. We regularly deploy matching studies and re-engagement campaigns to gather more information. But we still spend a lot of time and money trying to assign prospects to relevant places in the buyer journey.

Jeffrey: Video is going to become more niche relative to its use today for two key reasons. First, podcasts are taking over the world and much of what was previously produced as video content is actually better suited for an auditory experience that can be consumed more passively in our multi-tasking world. Second, the increasing ability of learning platforms to create integrated learning experiences with multiple content types will mean that video plays a more specific function in the overall learning objective.

Eric: We are getting through some past hurtles of the video medium through innovations in hosting and streaming of video. We’ve begun to solve the issues of meta data tagging and in-video search so that video content is easier to catalog and find. Accessing and sharing video remotely, on secure devices is still not a no brainer for a lot of organizations.

Next will be to enhance how we interact with video. I think the next challenge is going to be integrating augmented reality to bring video media into our day to day work. Integrating interactive image and video overlays directly over real world environments to give the user more information about their surroundings or the operations they are attempting. Every system, virtual or real, will benefit from an augmented video overlay and that will be a big requirement in the future. We’ll also need to learn more about how people respond in these integrated environments, so tracking and reporting will have to get even more sophisticated and easier to consume.

Check back for part 3 of 3 coming soon! Thanks for reading.

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***This post continued from TruScribe Expert QA Panel,  Pt.1 !***


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